Dr Blair Williams is an award-winning academic and is currently a Lecturer in Australian Politics at Monash University, following her tenure as a Research Fellow at the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership (GIWL) at the Australian National University.

Her research focuses on gendered media coverage of women in politics, and she is becoming a leading voice in this narrative, already cited by national and international political figures in public talks, media, and publications.

Currently, she is working on several research projects, such as analysing the gendered media coverage of women leaders’ response the COVID-19 pandemic or examining the gendered double standards of Murdoch press coverage of political women.

Dr Williams is highly visible in the media as a monthly columnist for The Canberra Times, Federal Political Correspondent for Radio Adelaide, and regular contributor to The Conversation. Her research and activism have appeared in over 50 local, national, and international platforms, including Radio National, SBS, The Sydney Morning Herald, BBC, Al Jazeera and Le Monde. In 2021, she was awarded the ANU Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Impact and Engagement.

Additional research interests include: feminist theory, Australian politics, women politicians, media analysis, post-structuralism, critical theory, queer theory, LGBTQIA+ rights and refugee politics.

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