Media Engagement

My research largely focuses on women in politics, the mainstream media, sexism, gendered double standards, intersectionality in electoral politics and queer theory.

I am also a feminist activist and have organised protests and vigils against all forms of violence towards women.

Since May 2019, I am the regular federal political correspondent for Radio Adelaide.

Radio Interviews:

ABC Northern Tasmania. Drive. 26 February 2020. ‘Interview with Blair Williams’.

Mix 106.3 FM Canberra. News. 26 February 2020. ‘A study from the ANU has determined media coverage of female politicians is getting worse’.

2MCE. National Radio News. 26 February 2020. ‘Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the media is largely to blame’.

Radio National. Drive. 25 February 2020. ‘“The women beside the men”: Media obsession with female PMs‘.

ABC Radio Canberra. Drive. 27 November 2019. ‘20th Anniversary of Helen Clark’s PM ascension: Talking women in politics’.

ABC Radio Canberra. Sunday Afternoon. 17 November 2019. ‘One Liners: Gillard’s Misogyny Speech’.

BBC Radio. Up All Night. 25 May 2019. ‘Interview: Gendered media coverage of Theresa May’.

Radio Adelaide. Breakfast. 20 May 2019. ‘Politics: What can we expect for the next 3 years?‘.

SBS Radio. 13 May 2019. ‘Expertise interview on Women Electoral Lobby’s election scorecard on gender equality policy’.

ABC Radio Adelaide. 27 December 2018. ‘2018 A Year That Was: Interview on Sexism in Australian Politics’.

ABC Radio Darwin. 30 November 2018. ‘Interview on Women Politicians and Sexism in Australian Parliament’.

Radio 1 SRF. News Bulletin. 27 September 2018. ‘Interview on Sexism in Australian Politics’.

Radio 1 SRF. News Bulletin. 27 September 2018. ‘Interview on Racism in Australian Politics’.

ABC Canberra Radio. News Bulletin. 19 June 2018. ‘Interview on Vigil for Eurydice Dixon’.

ABC South East Radio. News Bulletin. 29 September 2016. ‘Interview on Gillard, Turnbull, Clinton and media’.

Triple J. News Bulletin. 28 September 2016. ‘Interview on Gillard, Turnbull and the media’.

TV Interviews:

Gillard, Julia. 9 October 2019. ‘More or less sexist’. Peston ITV.

SBS World News. Feature. 17 April 2019. ‘Expertise interview on the youth vote in the 2019 Australian Federal Election‘.

Ten News. News Bulletin. 4 July 2018. ‘Expertise interview on Senator Leyonhjelm’s Sexist Remarks towards Hanson-Young’.

Print Media:

Crowe, Alex. 2020. ‘Greens’ promise to ‘disrupt the current patriarchal system’ in Assembly seems within reach’. The Canberra Times. 25 October.

Smee, Ben. 2020. ‘Queensland election: has Palaszczuk helped defeat the politics of gender?The Guardian. 24 October.

Hadley, Erin. 2020. ‘New Zealand has elected its most diverse Parliament ever. How does Australia compare?ABC News. 21 October.

Price, Jenna. 2020 ‘Ardern’s catch of the day: moral support from a good bloke‘. The Sydney Morning Herald. 19 October.

Topsfield, Jewel. 2020. ‘“Forewarned is forearmed”: Lunch with Julia Gillard‘. The Sydney Morning Herald. 31 July.

Armitage, Rebecca and Lucia Stein. 2020. ‘Joe Biden’s running mate will be only the third woman to run for VP, but the first with a decent shot of winning‘. ABC News. 30 July.

Thomas, Sophie. 2020. ‘“Gender still doesn’t explain everything, nor nothing”: Julia Gillard‘. Women’s Agenda. 6 May.

Workman, Alice. 2020. ‘Strewth!’ The Australian. 4 March.

Tu, Jessie. 2020. ‘Gender bias in female PM coverage is worsening‘. Women’s Agenda. 28 February.

Zaglas, Wade. 2020. ‘Research suggests western media is undermining female leaders’ legitimacy’. Campus Review. 28 February.

Purtill, James. 2020. ‘Media’s gendered stereotyping was worse for Gillard than Thatcher 30 years earlier, research shows‘. ABC News. 25 February.

ANU Media. 2020. ‘Media obsession with female PMs’ gender worsening‘. ANU Newsroom. 25 February.

Bhandari, Subel. 2020. ‘Australians are angry with their prime minister on bushfire efforts‘. DPA International. 5 January.

Price, Jenna. 2019. ‘The ALP has a long way to go on gender equality’. The Canberra Times. 18 October.

Price, Jenna. 2019. ‘Labor, the men who run it and their “female worker bees”’. The Sydney Morning Herald. 17 October.

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Walker, Aaron. 2016. ‘Gillard and Turnbull: a case study in gender bias in Australian media’. ANU Newsroom. 28 September

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Policy Forum. 18 November 2019. Democracy Sausage. ‘Women in politics special’.

Policy Forum. 3 December 2018. The Brief Podcast. ‘Women in politics: Creating space for female representation’.

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